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Jesse Gold WRT-101 Dr. Kaufman [insert title here] For years, talk shows have filled day time television slots hoping to show people the error of their ways. Constantly, individuals are brought onto the show with issues or misunderstandings that they themselves cannot deal with or comprehend. However, could there be an underlining purpose to all of these actions? Author Barbara Ehrenreich believes that talk shows serve an evil purpose hidden by audience’s jeers and screams. According to Ehrenreich “talk shows are one of the most excruciatingly moralistic forums the culture has to offer.” Ehrenreich states in her essay “In Defense of Talk Shows” that talk shows are class exploitation. The people that are in center ring for most talk shows are those “so needy […] that they mistake being the center of attention for being actually loved and respected.” These individuals from the lower classes are being used as life’s sideshow for the middle and upper classes.
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Unformatted text preview: That they are another spectacle for them to enjoy so that they can feel enriched about their own lives. Talk shows just show us the distortion that poverty brings upon a persons life. What's more, talks show may not be as unscripted as one may believe. Watching these shows, we believe that the people are always in the wrong and need to be reformed. However, Ehrenreich states that the plot is always the same and that at least in talk shows, the moral is always loud and clear: Respect yourself, listen to others, stop beating on your wife. Though the story may not always be the same, the exhibit never changes. The people on talk shows tend to have amassed piles of bills without the needs to pay them. Is it truly helping them to advise them not to sleep with their ex-husbands? Or should we try to actually listen to these individuals; people who have never before been listened to, and certainly never been taken seriously if they were....
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