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Jesse Gold ART107 Definitions – Test #3 5.13.2010 Muckraking (219) – exposing of political and social corruption Social realism (228, 298) - a style of painting in which the scenes depicted typically convey a message of social or political protest Candid (240) – informal or unposed Post-Visualization (241) – to edit a photograph before printing to acquire the desired visual Coupled range-finder (250) – device that allowed photographers to quickly align overlapping images into a single image Decisive moment (254, 395) – instant when formal spatial relationships of subjects reveal their essential meaning Intaglio (265) – orienting methods that used recessed printing areas and incompatible with moveable types Lithography (265) – a planographic process in which an image is drawn on a flat surface Halftone process (265) – process that permits a continuous tone image to be printed simultaneously with text Photogravure process (265) – refinement of halftone process
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