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MOMA - Descriptions - While the natural light of the area...

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Jesse Gold ART107 MOMA – Descriptions Turnitin ID: 135763532 3.16.10 The first photograph I chose to describe was “Untitled” by Benjamin Turner, created around 1853. The main subject of the photograph is a large tree trunk that consumes more than half of the image. While the image is somewhat blurred in the background, the foreground details of the tree bark creates an intricate play of light and dark. The grooves of the bark generate an image similar to that of a fingerprint as well as giving the tree character. The plainness of the grass that surrounds the tree enhances this effect, forcing you to concentrate upon the contrast of the trunk. The next photograph was “The Foundry” by Louis Lafon, created in the 1880’s. The image is that of an empty foundry, most likely after working hours. The strong contrast between several of the objects with those surrounding them help the objects to establish a persona of their own.
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Unformatted text preview: While the natural light of the area helps to create this illusion, so does the play of lines and shapes. The image is full of repeated geometric shapes including triangles, rectangles and circles. The final image that I had chosen was “”Château Meillant, Chapel Door” by Frederick H. Evans, created in 1906-7. As a smaller image with much negative space, the intricate design of the door is almost jumping out at the viewer. The steps, repeating in shape and shrinking, while plain and the only contrast to the complex nature of the doorway, help to guide your eye to it. While the contrast is faint, the detail of the doorway is still shows through, with the only true contrast between the doorway and doors themselves. This creates an illusion of depth, inviting you toward the center of the photograph....
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