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Chapter01-SampleQuestions - SAMPLE EXAMINATION QUESTIONS...

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BCEE 231 Chapter 1 - Sample questions 1 SAMPLE EXAMINATION QUESTIONS – Chapter 1 The mid-term (final exam) will have up to 8 (25) questions for 1 (3) hours. Adjacent students will have different exams. Special instructions: Closed book. No calculators. A non-electronic dictionary is permitted. In Part 1: Pick the best answer among the choices listed in the right column. In Part 2: Write the answer (e.g. a, b, or …), and its reason or justification. One point will be given for each correct answer provided that the stated reason is sensible and specifically related to the situation—A reason is not required for picking the last choice. Part 1 Note: Line numbers are added for reference purpose only. The situation In relation to the described situation: 1. The following assignment expressions have a common syntax error: f(x) = (a+b)*Area*x; g(x, y, z) = a*sin(x*y)*exp(b*z); A B = C; A*B = C; A+B*C = D; The syntax error may be due to: a) A variable name is too long b) A right-hand-side variable name has illegal character(s) c) The left-hand-side is not a (valid) name d) The right-hand-side expression has illegal or missing operator(s) e) Unbalanced parentheses _____________ f) None of the above 2. The following expression is supposed to compute y b a x V sin 2 2 + = : V = x*sqrt(a*a+b*b)*Sin y; It has an error. The error may be due to : _____________ f) None of the above 3. The following expression is supposed to compute y b a x
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