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ACC 200 Problem Session (Managerial Accounting) Fall, 2010 Teaching Assistant: Various Coordinator: Robin Thomas ([email protected]) Problem Session Web Page : (unity login required) Problem Session Objectives: The Acc 200 problem session is designed to supplement and reinforce the course material for Acc 200. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions about exercises specifically written for these sessions and, time permitting, assigned homework questions from their regular course. Students will demonstrate through the use of graded homework and quizzes their knowledge of managerial accounting material. Prerequisites : none I. Textbook and Other Materials ± Lab Course Pack (REQUIRED). May be downloaded from the problem session Moodle page or purchased from Sir Speedy Printing (2526 Hillsborough St) for approx. $5 plus tax. ± All Acc 200 required materials II. Grading Policies There will be a total of twelve grades received over the course of the semester. These grades will result from homework and quizzes assigned and graded by your teaching assistant (TA) at his or her discretion. At the end of the semester, the best ten of these grades will be forwarded to your regular Acc 200 instructor and will be weighted according to the specifics set forth in your Acc 200 syllabus. Your TA will record all of your grades on Moodle, a learning management system. You should monitor your grades carefully on a weekly basis and, should a discrepancy arise, contact your TA immediately. Please note that you will have a Moodle section for your problem session that is separate from your Acc 200 class section.
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2 Take-home quizzes, in-class quizzes, and exercises may be taken up in problem sessions. Therefore, it is imperative that you arrive to your problem session on time and prepared to turn in or work on the assigned quiz or exercise. If you have a university-approved absence (see below), you may turn in the quiz or assignment upon your return without being penalized as long as the correct answers have not been disclosed by your TA in your Moodle section . To minimize the risk of this occurring, if you believe that you have an “excused” absence, you will need to scan and email your quiz or assignment along with a “Request for Excused Absence Form” (explained below) to your TA. Your TAs contact information should be located on your problem session Moodle page. Note: No problem session assignment or quiz will be accepted outside of class if your absence is unexcused or if the solution has been released . Remember that only your best 10 out of 12 problem session grades will be forwarded to your Acc 200 instructor. Two grades are allowed to be dropped to compensate for the strict policy noted above. University-approved absences are described below.
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Lab_Syllabus - ACC 200 Problem Session(Managerial...

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