Syllabus - ACC 200-002 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Fall 2010...

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ACC 200-002 - MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Roby Sawyers Class Schedule: TTH 4:30 – 5:45, Nelson 3400 Class Moodle Page : Cengage Now URL : Class TAs: Ashley Waid [email protected] Michael Parisi [email protected] Amelia Gardner [email protected] (for Cengage Now HW issues and Clicker issues) Professor Sawyers' Contact Information Office: 3106 Nelson Hall Office Hours: I am usually in my office around 8:15 every day. However, I frequently have meetings or other commitments that take me out of the office. I will have office hours devoted to ACC 200 students from 10:30 – 11:30 on Tuesday and 3:00 – 4:15 on Thursday. (I have a standing committee meeting on Tuesday at 3:00 so will not be around before class on Tuesday). If you can’t come by during my established office hours listed above, please email me and we can set up a convenient time for both of us. Office Phone: 515-4443 E-mail: [email protected] Fax Number: 515-4446 Course Objectives: During the first few weeks of class, students are provided a brief overview of financial accounting and income tax concepts. After that, the course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of managerial accounting concepts and tools. Students will analyze accounting data that are useful in managerial decision making and in the control and evaluation of the decisions made within business organizations. Not all of the material in each section and chapter of the textbook will be covered. Accordingly, you should pay special attention to the specific chapter by chapter objectives found at the end of this document. Prerequisites: None 1
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TEXTBOOK AND OTHER MATERIALS A. Managerial ACCT for North Carolina State University (2010 Student Edition) (REQUIRED), by Sawyers, Jackson and Jenkins, $97.50 at the NC State bookstore. (ISBN: 9781111630645) .This shrink-wrapped book includes both the financial accounting and managerial accounting content you are responsible for in the course. (Note: You should not purchase a used copy of the book as it will not have the Cengage Now access code you need to complete your graded online homework assignments. In addition, if you purchase a book from another source (not the NC State bookstore), make sure it includes the financial accounting and income tax information that we will cover in the first few weeks of class. This material is included after page 258 in the book and is called ACC 200 Course Pack Readings. B. Turning Technologies Response Card XR (“Clicker”). May be purchased from the NCSU bookstore for $50 (REQUIRED) Each student is required to purchase and register his/her clicker by Wednesday August 25. Instructions to register Clickers
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Syllabus - ACC 200-002 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Fall 2010...

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