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9/27/10 lecture kleos – aklea historie massagetae (hdt book 1) Anaximander made the first map of the world The kings of Persia: Cyrus the great Cambyses Darius Xerxes Heroditous hiding of names, doesn’t want to reveal names can be parallel to jesse’s james tombstone where it says here lies jesse james who has been shot by an individual whose name isn’t worthy of being here A new world of conflict between the greeks and the east Herodetous is relative to the east meets west; he explains how the persians defeat Some people consider book two a digression because it talks about Egypt In book 2 cyrus invades Egypt Book 3 struggle over control of Persian government Book 4 lengthy description of the sythians How does this allow the greeks to defeat a much larger force of persians? Giant gold digging ants in herodetous
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Unformatted text preview: Medical and anthrological theorize about herodetous’s time goes back to 5bce, treatise air water, it is a theory that the sythians and egyptions based upon the elements and this non-living stuff Egypt and sythia are inverse of each other Egypt it never rains, wisest, written records, soft culture, reverent of all men, most gods, most shrines, very civiliazed, power is centralized Sythia it always rains, barely civiliazed, hard culture, diffused, multiple, new culture, nomads, cold, could not be conquered Herodetous represents the greeks as a culture wit ha good balance Persians were about mixing and taking over people but they did it mainly for pleasure Defeat of cyrus by the macietai forshadows cryses failure In book nine s Hard vs soft culture Luxury vs poverty...
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  • Achaemenid Empire, Darius I of Persia, Cambyses Darius Xerxes, aklea historie massagetae, nonliving stuff Egypt

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