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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % % THE NEOPHYTE'S GUIDE TO HACKING % % =============================== % % 1993 Edition % % Completed on 08/28/93 % % Modification 1.1 Done on 10/10/93 % % Modification 1.2 Done on 10/23/93 % % by % %% >>>>> Deicide <<<<< %% %%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% < The author of this file grants permission to reproduce and > < redistribute this file in any way the reader sees fit, > < including the inclusion of this file in newsletters of any > < media, provided the file is kept whole and complete, > < without any modifications, deletions or ommissions. > < (c) 1993, Deicide > TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= 1. INTRODUCTION 2. ETHICS/SAFETY 3. WHERE TO START 4. PACKET-SWITCHED NETWORKS A. Intro to PSNs B. How packet-switching works C. The Internet 1. Introduction 2. Getting access 3. FTP D. X.25 Networks 1. NUAs 3. CUGs 4. SprintNet 5. BT Tymnet 6. Datapac 7. DNIC List 5. SYSTEM PENETRATION A. Unix B. VMS C. MPE (HP3000 mainframes) D. VM/CMS E. Primos F. TOPS 10/20 G. IRIS H. NOS I. DECServer J. GS/1 K. XMUX L. Starmaster/PACX M. Access 2590 N. PICK O. AOS/VS P. RSTS
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Q. WindowsNT R. Novell Netware S. System75/85 T. AS400 U. TSO 6. BRUTE FORCE A. Passwords B. Usernames C. Services 7. SOCIAL ENGINEERING 8. TRASHING 9. ACRONYMS 10. CONCLUSION A. Last words B. Recommended Reading C. BBSes D. References E. And finally. . F. Disclaimer INTRODUCTION: ============ ------------ Over four years ago the final version of the LOD/H's Novice's Guide to Hacking was created and distributed, and during the years since it has served as a much needed source of knowledge for the many hackers just beginning to explore the wonders of system penetration and exploration. The guide was much needed by the throng of newbies who hadn't the slightest clue what a VAX was, but were eager to learn the arcane art of hacking. Many of today's greats and moderates alike relied the guide as a valuable reference during their tentative(or not) steps into the nets. However, time has taken it's toll on the silicon networks and the guide is now a tad out of date. The basic manufacturer defaults are now usually secured , and more operating systems have come on the scene to take a large chunk of the OS percentile. In over four years not one good attempt at a sequel has been made, for reasons unbeknownst to me. So, I decided to take it upon myself to create my own guide to hacking. . the "Neophyte's Guide to Hacking" (hey. .no laughing!) in the hopes that it might help others in furthering their explorations of the nets.
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neoguide - -%-% % % % THE NEOPHYTE'S GUIDE TO HACKING % % =...

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