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“Culture” is one of those words that seem difficult to truly pinpoint. It has different meaning for different people; so how accurate is it to define someone by their supposed culture? I would agree that culture qualifies as a loose and slippery thing because our knowledge of its definition and application to people’s lives is someone out of grasp and it will always be slipping away. Cultures typically include values and beliefs at the core but others believe it is a melting pot of influences such as religion, how the person was brought up, and many more. This could be true but there are cases where the idea of cultures overlap and it is confusing because can one belong to two different cultures? For example some people consider a religion a culture as well as ethnicity as a culture. What if an individual was Mormon but also belonged to the Latin culture. Whether it is likely or not, we must face that cultures are loose because we cannot pinpoint exact definitions of what culture an individual belongs to and it is also slippery
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