M2 - Phy sics 7B WS M2(rev 2.0 Page 1 M-2 The Lorentz Force...

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Physics 7B WS M2 (rev. 2.0) Page 1 M-2. The Lorentz Force Law F = q v " B Questions for discussion 1 . The diagram below shows a proton moving through an external magnetic field at a particular instant of time. (Here, the velocity vector is coming out of the plane of the page.) a) At the instant shown, would the magnetic field be exerting any force on the proton? If so, in which direction? Sketch the force vector on the diagram above. b) Would your answers change if the particle were an electron? 2 . A positively charged particle is moving with the indicated velocity through an external magnetic field, which is not shown . This external magnetic field exerts a force on the moving charge, which is shown. a) What is the direction of the external magnetic field at the location of the particle? b) Answer part (a) again, this time assuming the particle is negatively charged.
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Physics 7B WS M2 (rev. 2.0) Page 2 3 . In the figure below, a uniform magnetic field points into the page . 1 (The magnetic field vectors are indicated by ’s.) Four particles with the same mass follow the paths shown as they pass through this magnetic field with identical, constant speeds. What can you conclude about the charge on each particle? 4 . An electron moves horizontally from the left with speed v and enters a uniform vertical electric field of magnitude E 0 pointing upwards. In the absence of any other forces, the electron would be deflected vertically by the F on q = qE ext force. Sketch the direction of a magnetic field that could cancel this force and allow the electron to maintain its horizontal path. 5 . When a particle moves under the influence of a magnetic field, the speed of the particle remains constant. How does this come about? 1
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M2 - Phy sics 7B WS M2(rev 2.0 Page 1 M-2 The Lorentz Force...

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