5 now measure the radius of the electrons path record

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Unformatted text preview: xplain your method of avoiding parallax errors and why it works. 5. Now measure the radius of the electrons’ path. Record your data below, and repeat for four other Bfield and voltage combinations. (You may want to make a table so you can calculate your values for e/m right here too.) Physics 7B Charge-to-mass: e/m p. 9 6. The electron beam path isn’t exactly circular; it spirals slightly inward. Why is this? (Hint: What variables affect the beam’s radius?) 7. Calculate the average value of e/m from your four measurements, and compare to the accepted value of 1.76x1011 C/kg. 8. What sources of error were present in this experiment? What amount of uncertainty do you estimate each source of error contributed to your final e/m determination? Justify your estimates with words and/or numbers....
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