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Physics 7B Answers for E4 (rev. 3.0) Page 1 E-4. Conductors Questions for discussion 1 . In Physics 7B problems, we commonly consider “a ball of charge, with uniform charge per unit volume ρ .” How do you know that the ball in such a problem is made of non-conducting material, such as plastic? If the ball were made of conducting material, then all of that excess charge would quickly migrate to the surface of the ball. When everything settled down, we would no longer have a volume charge distribution, but rather a surface charge distribution. 2 . Give an intuitive justification for each of the following facts about conductors, all of which hold in equilibrium: a) Within a conducting material, the electric field vanishes. Intuitively speaking, if the electric field at some point in the material were not zero, then the mobile charges within the material would undergo some acceleration, and they would slosh around inside the material. But we are assuming that everything has settled into equilibrium, so the particles can no longer be accelerating. Hence the field within the material must be zero.
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E4sol - Phy sics 7B Answers for E4 ( rev. 3.0) Page 1 E-4....

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