Exam2 review sheet - Review Sheet, Exam 2, Marine Biology,...

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Review Sheet, Exam 2, Marine Biology, ECOL 183, Spring 2008 Read the textbook chapters 2, 3,8, 9, and 13 only (chapter 14 & 16 will be moved to exam 3). Below is a guide of what to know for each chapter. Also, review the lectures, in- class hand-outs, and lab material. There is no cheat sheet for this exam. Exam will be a mixture of multiple choice, short answer, and essay. Quiz on Devil’s Teeth chapters 4 and 5 and 6 , is postponed until the week after the exam, when I will cover coral reefs. Chapter 2, The sea floor Answer all four critical thinking questions on page 43. Also, know the following from pgs 36-38: Be able to sketch the diagram in fig 2.19 and label it when provided with the terms in the diagram, label the continental margin and the sea floor on the same diagram. Where does the sediment come from that is so deep on the continental margins? Which part of this diagram is the most biologically rich and the best fishing, and what percentage of the ocean is this? Why do you think this area is the most productive? What are submarine canyons and how were they created? Chapter 3, Chemical and Physical Properties of Water What properties of water make it so conducive for life? Provide some examples. Where does the salt come from in the ocean? What processes remove salt from the ocean and why? What is the “rule of constant proportions”? What is relationship between temperature and density of water? Imagine a jar with a layer of red cold water on top of a layer of clear warm water? What will happen and why? What does this have to do with downwelling and overturn (also called upwelling)? Early explorers knew that they were close to land when they saw a slick of fresh water from the Amazon River over the ocean
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Exam2 review sheet - Review Sheet, Exam 2, Marine Biology,...

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