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Chem15 Fall 2010 Homework #2 Due Nov 2 2010 Here are some electrochem problems . 1. Consider the redox reaction: AsO 3 3- + Mn O - 4 AsO 4 3- + Mn 2+ a) Balance it by adding H + and H 2 O as necessary. b) Isolate the redox pairs and calculate voltage and polarity of the resulting cell ( E 0 As = +0.559 V, E 0 Mn = +1.51 V, pH=1.0). Assume all other concentrations to be 1.0M. c) Calculate the equilibrium constant of the redox reaction. 2. Two Ag/Ag + electrodes are connected to form a cell. Each solution is constituted of 50 ml of 0.1F AgNO 3 . Calculate voltage and polarity of the cell after a current of 100mA is passed through it for 1hr. 3. 20ml of 0.1F solution of Sn 4+ are titrated with a 0.1F solution of Cr 2+ according to the equation:
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Unformatted text preview: Sn 4+ + Cr 2+ ↔ Sn 2+ + Cr 3+ (E 0 Sn = +1.54 V, E Cr = -0.408 V) a) Balance the equation. b) Calculate the voltage of a Pt indicator electrode after the addition of 20ml of Cr 2+ . c) Calculate the voltage of the Pt indicator electrode after the addition of 40ml of Cr 2+ (total). d) Calculate the voltage of the Pt indicator electrode after the addition of 80ml of Cr 2+ . (total). 4. Consider the following cell: a) Electrode A: Ag wire in 1.0F solution of AgNO 3 . b) Electrode B: Ag wire coated with AgCl in a 1.0F solution of KCl. The cell voltage is E = 0.59V, and electrode A is positive. Calculate the solubility product of AgCl....
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