Chem 112A Office Hours

Chem 112A Office Hours - 1-2 pm Minxi Kareem Troy 2-3 pm...

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112AOffice Hours (in Bixby Common) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8-9 am Aaron Meera 9-10 am Aaron Lecture Lecture 10-11 am Brendon Vivian Meera Dan 11-12 am Brendon Dan 12-1 pm Minxi Kareem
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Unformatted text preview: 1-2 pm Minxi Kareem Troy 2-3 pm Troy 3-4 pm 4-5 pm Prof. Francis ( 724 Latimer ) Dr. Li ( 327 Latimer ) And by appointment 5-6 pm Vivian Lab Lecture...
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  • Week-day names, Thai solar calendar, Vivian Meera Dan Dan Kareem Kareem Troy Troy, Kareem Kareem Troy, Aaron Brendon Brendon, Minxi Vivian Meera

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