1305 ch 3 culture

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 3 CULTURE CULTURE A way of life for people in a society. Culture is learned; it is not innate. We all have culture, no one has more culture than someone else, just different taste. Culture consists of all the material and non­ material goods and services that are transmitted and shared from generation to generation. CULTURE continued.. CULTURE continued.. Both material and non­material Material culture changes faster Culture lag is when one part of society changes faster than another COMMON CHARACTERISTICS COMMON CHARACTERISTICS OF ALL CULTURES: All culture is learned Culture is patterned Culture is shared Cultures all change All culture is transmitted Culture is inescapable IMPORTANT COMPONENTS IN IMPORTANT COMPONENTS IN CULTURE: Symbols, Language, Values and Norms Language­­ sociologist believe that language separates us from animals, it is one of the most important symbols. Symbols: Anything that meaningfully rep...
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