Normsestablished rulesofbehavioror standardsof

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Unformatted text preview: resents something else Values– shared ideas of what is important and what is worthwhile. Norms: Established rules of behavior or standards of conduct SAPIR­WHORF SAPIR­WHORF HYPOTHESIS Edward Sapir/Benjamin Whorf Language not only expresses our thoughts and perceptions, but influences our perception of reality; i.e., language creates reality Anti­Sapir/Whorf Theory Anti­Sapir/Whorf Theory Language guides our perception of reality, (how we understand the world), but does not shape that perception, I Language simply reflects (does not shape) our perceptions of realtiy Components OF CULTURE Components OF (Cont.) Norms­ are the foundation for any society. Norms are standards of behavior. Folkways­ a norm that people can violate from time to time without any serious disruption. Examples: usually using utensils with meals; greeting on BU campus­”HI” Mores­ Norms that people take seriously and considered absolutely essential to a society. Examples: not trespassing,...
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