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Unformatted text preview: not lying. Laws­Formal, standardized norms enacted by legislative bodies to regulate certain types of behavior and enforced by formal sanctions Stateway­ a law that is not based on a folkway or more, hard to enforce. (example: speeding, prohibition) Taboo­ “negative more;” Mores so strong that violation considered to be extremely offensive (example: the incest taboo) Components of culture (Continued) Components of culture ( Institutions­ a cluster of folkways and mores centered around the completion of an important social task. The five major institutions: 1. Family 2. Education 3. Religion 4. Economics 5. Political Components (cont) Subculture­ a group of people who participate in the main­stream of culture yet maintain distinct in their own culture. Example: Jewish, Amish . Counterculture­ any group in a society whose beliefs and behaviors contradict main­ stream culture....
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