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April 8th - exposure to malls magazines or advertising on...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308 April 8, 2010 Describe any two strategies DeYoung commends to counter avarice. How does each practice work to correct this vice? DeYoung explains two strategies that counters avarice. The first way is to face your problem and know your weaknesses. Greed is a sin with an object of money, things money can buy. So we try documenting everything you spend money on for a month. After we have that list, go through and mark the items we did not necessarily need. When we finally realize all the excess things we buy, Richard Foster recommends living the next year at our current level of spending. Even if we have a promotion or increase in pay, still spend the same amount. This allows us to put what we spend on in perspective. Another strategy DeYoung commends is resting on the Sabbath. This means no
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Unformatted text preview: exposure to malls, magazines, or advertising on Sundays. She explains we become jaded by the nice thing advertisements get us to buy. Consuming is becoming a way of life in America. We may even have a sense of relief after this break. Lastly DeYoung explains we must tithe. This is the oldest strategy of the three. It goes together with the Sabbath in that it is a habitual practice. We are replacing God with money and things; this is natural to use. While tithing, we are giving away the money that distracts us from Him, and we gradually let go of our obsession with possessions. We should tithe BEFORE we spend. God will see our discipline; we will learn to trust his provisions....
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