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April 29th - isolate the nature of the evil It’s very...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308. 3 What are general remedies of the capital vices? The capital vices all have one thing in common. They turn us from seeking God. To get helped, we must first realize the problem that we have. The first remedy requires that we exanimate ourselves, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. In order to start the healing process, we must try to understand what we’re doing wrong. Redirecting our desire is the main goal. God is mainly concerned with our hearts. The second remedy requires a friend or mentor. We should seek the advice of a wiser person. This affects our character, developing us into more mature persons. The wiser person will hold us as accountable for our actions, which is very important for the process. The wiser person who you seek counsel from has your best interest at heart and will steer you in the right direction. Third general remedy is analyzing the distorted thoughts to
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Unformatted text preview: isolate the nature of the evil. It’s very similar to the first remedy. Targeting the evil is a productive way of eliminating it. Evagrius says as your intellect is raised the demons will flee. Ignorance first must be destroyed. Everyone has vices in them, but they will never get helped if they continue unnoticed. The fourth strategy follows the third. After targeting the evil we “can re-construe the situation in a way that is at odds with the evil thought” says Evagius. This means to transfer thoughts that we’re having that is negative against someone into a positive. Manipulate the mind over the temptation of evil thoughts. When thinking of the good of someone you can’t think of the bad at the same time. These are the keys to a healthier soul....
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April 29th - isolate the nature of the evil It’s very...

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