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January 21 - occupations and even religions People want to...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308 What does Goldie mean by “dispositionism”? What are some bad reasons that we tend to be dispostionists? Goldie defines dispositionism to be what we do when we assume a person’s motives in the way they act at a given time, the way they look, the way they talk, and etc. We like to be able to predict what people are feeling and what they would do so we take a generalization of a person’s being by studying something about them and considering it stabile and consistent. This is called robustness. If I met a girl name “Jill” one day and she was a blonde or she was very unwelcoming, if I assumed that because she was blonde she was unintelligent or cause she was unwelcoming that day that she is a very unfriendly person, I would be a dispositionist. Goldie explains one bad reason why people tend to be dispositionist is because of stereotypes and prejudices. Society has generalizations for different cultures, races,
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Unformatted text preview: occupations, and even religions. People want to be able to know somewhat to expect in a person before they get to know them. We leapt to conclusions which lead to our next reason. Another bad reason would be laziness. To assume a character trait about a person by an action or behavior and without real evidence is very slothful. There are many reasons to explain why a person acted a certain way but is really another. It’s usually the worse of the two we choose also. Goldie calls this “negative bias”. Different circumstances bring out different behaviors in everyone, but people generally like to depict someone by the time they acted in a negative way. We are all round characters, but in life, it’s much easier to flatten each other out in an attempt to understand how a person really is....
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January 21 - occupations and even religions People want to...

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