January 28th

January 28th - and how we acted in that incident But when...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308 What are the minimal features of a narrative, according to Goldie? How does self-narrative relate to our sense of identity? Goldie defines the minimal features of a narrative is that it should show connections between events in our lives. He believes that the narrative is made up of parts, incidents, and the incidents are connected to each other to shape what ultimately becomes a person’s life. Incidents reveal, through the actions of the person, traits of their character or personality. Even vice versa, we form our narratives from incidents and character traits to develop what we are to become in months, years, and etc. In our narrative, our self- narrative, we look at ourselves how people would view us. We look at ourselves as if we were reading an autobiography or as if we’re on the outside looking in. This helps us to become circumspect. We start to realize how people may think we are inside by a particular incident
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Unformatted text preview: and how we acted in that incident. But, when we do this we are also in a way flattening ourselves and picking out one specific trait to identify that moment by. Goldie says that in a self narrative we look at ourselves in different perspectives, may it be ours, our friend’s, our neighbor’s, or even a stranger’s. We evaluate these perspectives to determine if we agreed with what we did in the past, at the very moment, or even future wise. We categorize ourselves into what we want to be and this develops into our personal identity. So, Goldie kind of infers that actions, feelings, what people think, and thoughts do determine our character; maybe not directly, but indirectly. We give ourselves particular traits that we can identify with and others can identify us by....
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January 28th - and how we acted in that incident But when...

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