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March 29th - bad It’s evil when inordinately the appetite...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1307 According to Aquinas and DeYoung, is anger ever a good emotion, one that is morally permissible to  experience? When is feeling anger a sinful act? According to Aquinas anger can be a good emotion when its reason is for justice of the righteous  kind, not breaking a law. Anger has two elements, concerning the appetite soul which is formal element  and the increasing of the circulation of blood around the heart which is material element. Material  element is an extension of the senses that we human most of the time have no control of. But when we  look at formal element, it is a mix of appetite soul, reason. Reason is the intellectual part controlled by our  desire and judgment. If we choose to act in anger against a sin to, for example, correct it, then it is not all 
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Unformatted text preview: bad. It’s evil when inordinately the appetite soul desires vengeance that is not deserving. DeYoung explains that anger can be a good and evil emotion, it depends on the target. He uses the example in the Bible where it states that “ God burns with anger.” It is only properly directed when it’s directed on our own sin. It becomes a sin when it becomes wrath, a disorder that requires that the sense of justice be perverted. Anger and wrath give off the response to fight. For this not to be a sinful act it must have the intent to fight for the good and fight well....
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