April 13th

April 13th - the food that promises the feeling of pleasure...

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Shirae Butler April 13 th The Five Forms of Gluttony According to Aquinas, Gluttony is an inordinate desire for the pleasure of food, so much that it affects charity. This excessive desire can be quantitative, which is the desire for excessive amounts of food, or qualitative that is taking excessive pleasure in eating expensive, choice foods. A gluttonous person desires their pleasure of food to be their “ultimate end”, when their real desire should be for God. DeYoung’s definition is a sinful habit. The pleasure of eating food gets out of control, and we make it the most important thing in our lives. There are five forms of gluttony made into the acronym F.R.E.S.H. All five are habits, done on a regular. First is eating fastidiously. This is bad because it is eating daintily with full concern only for the pleasure in the experience. Second is eating too sumptuously which particular in what we eat. This is the “picky-eater’s” problem. They seek
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Unformatted text preview: the food that promises the feeling of pleasure for satiety and fullness. It can affect our eating habits to the point where we deprive ourselves of vegetables and fruits we really need for our health in order to have the satisfaction of feeling full. This includes some diets. The last three are what we commonly think when gluttony is named. Third we have eating too hastily. This is the fast eater that begins a new bit before the last was finished, also includes sneaky eaters. Fourth is the greedy eater that eats up all that he wants before anyone else can have a taste. His worst fear is coming back and the last slice of pizza is gone. Fifth is the excessive overeater. He eats past the point of fullness no more the sickness or feeling he may feel after. These last three are dealing with how we eat. The question is, when we eat are we changing our priorities to make the satisfaction of food our first desire....
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April 13th - the food that promises the feeling of pleasure...

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