April 27th

April 27th - connection the love married people have that...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308 Question: What is “the pleasure paradox”? How does it apply to sexual pleasure? The “pleasure paradox” is based on the idea that the degree of pleasure is not determined just by the act, but also by a certain way it’s obtained and done. According to DeYoung, pleasure is related to the activity it accompanies. Example would be the promiscuous person and the married monogamous couple. Studies show that married monogamous couples are happier and more satisfied with their sex lives than the promiscuous one. Even though the married couple may be together for years at a time with just that one person and the promiscuous person may have had hundreds in the same time period and many different experiences, the promiscuous person doesn’t share that
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Unformatted text preview: connection, the love, married people have that keeps that spark in sex. We should not seek pleasure directly. The act is just a quick fix that loses first flavor it had after a while. This is the problem with porn addicts. Porn is a fleshly answer to a desire for sex. The porn user gets a rush from a magazine, uses it couple times a day. After a while to get the same rush he must use it much more until he get bored and needs new methods of porn. The methods escalate and having that rush consumes his life. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, but it was created to be apart and integrated into our personal, social, and spiritual lives according to DeYoung. That’s why we spend our whole lives finding our partner to share it with the rest of our lives....
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April 27th - connection the love married people have that...

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