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Janurary 14th

Janurary 14th - that is how we would judge them Character...

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Shirae Butler PHI 1308 What is the difference, according to Goldie, between a character trait and other sorts of personality traits? Why is this difference important? According to Goldie personality traits are a general description of a person, where as character is deeper. Personality is the superficial, what is seen on the surface. Goldie believes your personality traits encompass your regular feelings, your looks, what you do for a living, your hobbies, and etc. He broke them up into the following parts: ways of acting, habits, temperaments, emotional dispositions, enduring preferences and values, skills, and character. Character is a subsection of our personalities. I got that we use personality traits to determine how we would categorize a person. For instance, if when I first meet a person, they shake my hand coldly, do not make eye contact, and act very uninterested, I would probably mark them as very stuck up, self-absorbed, or un-friendly. In our First impression,
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Unformatted text preview: that is how we would judge them. Character is not as easily spotted. Character is the way a person thinks and includes their morals. Goldie says that people can mask their character, and it can only be realized when the mask comes off. That makes it so much more important to gather a person’s character if you really want to who they really are. I think personality traits can be changed, even on a daily basis. Character is deeply rooted within someone that it would a great revelation to change that person. Because of this, character traits are very reliable. One of my friends could be considered tenderhearted. Since we were younger she has been this way, very sensitive to what people say. She wouldn’t hurt a fly; she treats everyone nicely and with respect. I could count on her behavior since second grade. It’s just in her character to do so....
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