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Shirae Butler SBJ 10/6 Pepsi’s sports sponsorship muscle behind Max by Terry Lofton Again activation is mention when talking about using sports as a marketing device. Sports have the same main demographic as Pepsi Max has. Therefore, having a common target, Pepsi is hoping to build their awareness of the new brand with this partnership. Pepsi is now partnered with the NFL and already has three ads set up to run during the Super bowl this coming year. They have taken advantage of NFL’s air time and of multiply stadiums this season. It seems as though a majority of budget for Pepsi Max is going to the sports industry. They also have ties in NASCAR and attempting to partner with NHL and MLB. In each sports venue, signage will be a major marketing tool. Pepsi says their objective is to “push sales,” and with this extensive portfolio, there will surely be no problems. ScoreBig lets ticket buyer choose discount by John Lombardo We recently learned about brokers in class. In attempt to traffic and regulate brokers they have
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