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SBJ17 - Shirae Butler SBJ 11/17 Holiday Inn back in...

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Shirae Butler SBJ 11/17 Holiday Inn back in motorsports with NHRA deal by Tripp Mickle In this article, they touch on developing activation and marketing sets. This will add value to the package that they are going after with NHRA. Holiday Inn has had financial troubles with their motorsports partnerships before. They focus mostly on their expected return on investment with a sponsorship. This is a great example of what we use in role-play. The seller makes sure that the buyer knows what value they are getting back with a promotion, even though the price may be more than they would like to pay. With the activation that may be included, I’m sure Holiday Inn and NHRA can find a settlement between the two. “ The least-known, most powerful person in basketball” by Michael Smith Last night in S3 meeting, we had a panel of alumni. When asked what advice would they give current students in the program the answered, “work hard.” This characteristic is saluted in this article. Greg Shaheen, the vice president of the NCAA, also accounts his success to hard
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