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Chap4_Summary - Ch 4 Evolution Population Ecology This...

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Ch 4 Evolution & Population Ecology This lecture will help you understand: 0. Natural selection 1. How evolution influences biodiversity 2. Reasons for species extinction 3. Ecological organization 4. Population characteristics 5. Population ecology Striking gold in Costa Rica 0. Golden toads were discovered in 1964, in Monteverde, Chile 1. The mountainous cloud forest has a perfect climate for _________ 2. Unfortunately, they became _________within 25 years 3. Due to global warming’s _________effect on the forest Evolution: the source of Earth’s biodiversity 4. _________= genetic change in populations of organisms across generations 5. May be random or directed by natural selection3 6. _________= the process by which traits that enhance survival and reproduction are passed on more frequently to future generations than those that do not Understanding evolution is vital It _________of a population It is important for understanding _________and _________resistance, agricultural issues, production, medicines, etc. Organisms _________to their environment and _________over time Natural selection shapes organisms 6. In 1858, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace both proposed natural selection as the mechanism of evolution 7. Organisms face a constant struggle to _________ 8. Organisms tend to produce _________ 9. Individuals of a species vary in their characteristics due to _________and the _________ 10. Some individuals are better suited to their environment and will _________and pass their genes on in their _________ Genetic variation 7. _________= a trait that promotes reproductive success 8. _________= accidental changes in DNA that may be passed on to the next generation 9. Non-lethal mutations provide the genetic variation on which natural selection acts 10. _________also leads to variation
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Evidence of natural selection is everywhere 11. It is evident in every _________of every organism 12. Evident in bacteria and fruit flies in laboratories 13. Selective breeding of animals Artificial selection 14. _________= the process of selection conducted under human direction 15. For example, artificial selection has led to the great variety of dog breeds Evolution generates biodiversity 11.
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