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9/23/2010 1 N 116A Intro Material Lecture 1 Medical Nutrition Therapy & Evidence-Based Practice Nutrition Care Process & Nutrition Assessment in Altered Physiologic States Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Definition: The nutritional treatment necessary to manage or treat a condition, illness or injury This is comprised of nutrition assessment and therapy Nutrition Assessment: comprehensive evaluation and interpretation of medical & nutritional history, anthropometric, biochemical and dietary indicators of health status, and possible drug-nutrient interactions The goal is to identify nutrition related problems (nutritional diagnosis) Nutrition Therapy: development of an individualized care plan, implementation of the plan and diet/behavior counseling, monitoring and follow-up adjustments to therapy, incorporation of medical nutrition products and modified routes of feeding as necessary The goals are planning and implementing a nutritional intervention to address the problems, and evaluating the nutritional care outcomes MNT continued -- Provided by a Registered Dietitian (R.D.) for individuals or groups of patients, in licensed institutional facilities or in private office settings Provided under a referral from the patient’s physician Provided under a referral from the patient s physician Governed by California Business & Professions Codes 2585 & 2586, which define nutrition professionals who are eligible to provide MNT and their scope of practice (i.e. an RD). Distinctions between Nutrition Education & Medical Nutrition Therapy Content Nutrition Education General advice for healthy individuals or groups is provided, which can include all of the following to increase awareness of the diet and health link: Dietary Quality Shopping Behavior/Food Resource Management Food Security Food Safety Can be provided by a variety of individuals and paraprofessionals Can be provided by a variety of individuals and paraprofessionals Medical Nutrition Therapy All of the above, plus…. Medical information is interpreted Specific disease management or treatment is provided Individualized diet patterns or menus are developed Personal recommendations about intake of specific nutrients or supplements is provided Instruction on specifics of a medically prescribed diet is provided Is provided only by Registered Dietitians (RD’s) Content of Care •Best evidence •Scientific principles Process of Care Nutrition care process & model Outcome Improved quality of care & High Quality Nutritional Care Provision of Clinical Nutrition Care •Protocols health status Nutrition Care Process (NCP) for MNT Systematic structure and method to scientifically assess evidence, think critically, and make decisions to manage the nutritional care of
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A_10%20Intro%20lect%201 - Medical Nutrition Therapy(MNT...

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