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Frequently asked questions: In the FFQ, what is the difference between these columns, and how do they add up? dt_folfd (column Z) Folate from food 318.2 folic acid (column AM) Fortificant 184.9 folate DFE (column BA) Food and fortificant 632.53 folate (column CA) Supplement To get DFE (dietary folate equivalent), the following calculation was used: Food + (fortificant * 1.7) = Folate DFE 318.2 + (184.9 * 1.7) = 632.53 Why does the FFQ also have a DFE column? Both the DFE screener and the Food Frequency Questionnaire report DFE scores.
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Unformatted text preview: The difference between the survey instruments is that the DFE was designed to measure folate while the FFQ measures many nutrients. Do we only compare folate? Only folate will be compared among the three survey instruments because that is the one only nutrient that is covered by all 3 survey instruments. For the other nutrients you compare the FFQ versus the 3-day instruments....
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