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Experiment+4+FAQ - Experiment 4 Adipocyte Tissue Frequently...

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Experiment 4: Adipocyte Tissue Frequently Asked Questions Background Cells from a single adipocyte cell culture were divided into two groups: 1. Five plates that remained undifferentiated 2. Five plates that were allowed to differentiate for the same period of time What is the purpose? To determine the amount of lipids in adipocyte cells using Oil Red O stain and measuring absorbance by spectrophotometry. What is the hypothesis? It is expected that as the lipid concentration increases, differentiation will also increase. Also, the differentiated cells were allowed to differentiate for the same amount of time, therefore it is expected that the cells have similar concentrations of lipids thus showing similar amounts of differentiation. Why was the absorbance the undifferentiated measured? Undifferentiated adipose cells should not have taken up any of the Oil Red O stain, because they are unable to store lipids. However, there may have been peripheral staining by Oil Red O, for example staining of the gel or the plate. This will alter the
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