3-Day+Food+Record+Instructions - 3-Day Food Record...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-Day Food Record InstructionsThank you for volunteering to be in our study. We are happy to offer the chance for your direct involvement in the study through food diaries and questionnaires. Therefore, your contribution as a study volunteer is very significant to the success of the research process. You may not fully appreciate how important your contribution is to the study. Therefore, we would like to remind you that the results of this data will only be as accurate as the information you provide us. This holds true for any of the information we provide to you. When the results of your dietary intake are available, you will be able to gain a great deal of information about your nutrient intake. However, this information can once again only be as accurate as the detail of your responses. To help you achieve the best possible results, we have developed a few suggestions as follows. Please apply these tips to all of your record-keeping processes.Thank you,WHNRC -USDAPlease follow these instructions when completing your food record.Write down everything you eat on three consecutive days agreed upon with the study coordinator. Your food record is pre-labeled for the three dates on which you need to record your diet.Carry your food record with you AT ALL TIMESduring your diet-recording period. Record your diet in the food record book provided. Record EVERYTHING you put in your mouth at the time you eat along with the amount. This includes condiments (jam, margarine, oils, cream, sugar, etc.).This includes beverages (coffee, tea, juice, milk, beer, wine, mineral water etc.)....
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3-Day+Food+Record+Instructions - 3-Day Food Record...

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