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Unformatted text preview: e, the current interrupted. In this way, the amount of current flowing through the gate from the collector may be regulated and unnecessary energy release in the 7-segment LEDs can be prevented. Vcc(5V) 330ohm 2.2Kohm Power control input 7 Segment LED (Anode common type) Figure 4.2.1 Seven Segment LED’s Power Supply Figure 4.2.2 Seven Segment LED’s Pins Arrangement 4.2.2 7-segment LED’s Pins Identification The 7-segment LED display consists of seven LEDs (precisely, eight LEDs including the dot). Each of the LEDs is given a name, the character between ‘a’ and ‘g’. However, it might not be easy to identify which LED pin is which because the names of the pins are not explicitly labeled. A way to easily identify the pins is employing digital multimeters (often abbreviated DMM). In a Digital Multimeter, the signal under test is converted to a voltage. When a DMM is placed within resistor measurement range, its black lead releases about +3V voltage, which is enough power to light up a LED. Thus, the...
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