Figure 417 illustrates a typical basic wiring of the

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Unformatted text preview: s Basic Wiring The pins OSC1, OSC2, VDD, VSS, and MCLR should be wired to make a PIC16F84 operate. Figure 4.1.7 illustrates a typical "basic" wiring of the PIC16F84 processor. The OSC1 and OSC2 pins are used to connect to the oscillation part of the circuit, i.e., a crystal in this case. VSS and VDD are the power supply pins - VDD is the positive supply, and VSS is the negative supply, or 0V. Ground is taken to the VSS pin. When the device has power and is running a program, one can easily reset the device by shorting MCLR to VSS (ground). Figure 4.1.7 PIC16F84’s "Basic" Wiring Diagram 4.1.5 MRPIC-IDE: Integrated Development Environment MRPIC-IDE, an Integrated Development Environment for programming and emulating Microchip PIC microcontroller, is used to program the PIC. This development system includes a Text Editor, Assembler, Debugger, in-circuit emulator, etc. Figure 4.1.8 shows the initial screen displayed after starting MRPICIDE. To write a source program, a project should be created. To create a project,...
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