To start assemble click make button in the menu bar

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Unformatted text preview: ditor and saving it, the next stage is Assemble that translates a source file into an executable object file. MR.PIC-IDE has a built-in PIC-dedicated Cross Assembler, MPASM. To start Assemble, click “MAKE” button in the menu bar. If Assemble is completed without error, a green status bar will briefly show up on the screen. If the red status bar appears, there is some error in the process of Assemble and debugging is needed. Once the program has been assembled, the next work to carry out is ROM writing. Carefully matching the corresponding pins, place the PIC16F84 into the ROM writer socket, and click <PGM> button in MRPIC-IDE program. The program for ROM writing is then executed and the PIC16F84 will be programmed, as shown in Figure 4.1.12. Make sure that the chip’s name is matched. Figure 4.1.12 MR.PIC-PGM If <PGM> is clicked after compile being successfully completed, memory information regarding the performed compilation is automatically loaded, as presented in Figure 4.1.13. Th...
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