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HISTORY 1301 STUDY GUIDE: DIVINE, CHPT. 11 SLAVES AND MASTERS Key Names. Terms and Concepts Nat Turner's Rebellion "gang system/task system" kinship networks Gabriel Prosser/Denmark Vesey Underground railroad Brer Rabbit stories Yeoman farmers Racial "scientists" Hinton R. Helper American Colonization Society The proslavery argument The Cotton Kingdom Short staple cotton J.D.B. DeBow William Gregg The profitability issue Key Themes 1. Southern society in the Antebellum Period: restrictions on slaves after Nat Turner; class and regional differences among whites in the South and their relationship to slavery. 2. The life of slaves in the Antebellum South: work patterns and organization; the importance of the family and kinship networks in influencing slave life; the development of a distinctive African American religion and its importance;
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Unformatted text preview: rebellion and other forms of resistance; the problems of free blacks in the South. 3. White society in the South: characteristics of the planter class; planters’ relations with their slaves; characteristics of smaller slave owners; characteristics of the yeoman farmer. 4. The Southern defense of slavery: the “positive good” defense and the proslavery argument; defense through restrictions on speech and civil liberties; how these led to the argument for secession. 5. Slavery and the Southern economy: the role of “King Cotton”; the importance of the internal slave trade to the economy; cotton as the focus of the economy; using slaves in Southern industry; was slavery profitable?...
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  • Slavery in the United States, proslavery argument, stories Yeoman farmers, Concepts Nat Turner, cotton J.D.B. DeBow, kinship networks Gabriel

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