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HISTORY 1301 STUDY GUIDE: DIVINE, CHPT. 12 The Pursuit of Perfection Key Terms, Names and Concepts Lyman Beecher Charles G. Finney Temperance movement Ideology of “separate spheres”/Cult of Domesticity Declaration of Sentiments Horace Mann and education reform Dorothea Dix The Shakers Joseph Noyes/Oneida American Colonization Society William Lloyd Garrison Abolitionism Key Themes 1. The Second Great Awakening:  background in evangelical revivals and meetings; key  revival leaders and spread of the movement; how religious revival was transformed into  social reform; key examples of social reforms. 2.  Women and reform:  improvements in women’s lives in early 19
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Unformatted text preview: th century; positive and negative aspects of the new ideology of women; the movement for women’s rights: Seneca Falls and the Declaration of Sentiments. 3. Other reform movements: reforming American education and American prisons and asylums; Utopian reform movements: Robert Owen, Charles Fourier; the Shakers; transcendentalism. 4. Abolitionism: the American Colonization Movement and its problems; William Lloyd Garrison and the founding of Abolitionism; Northern abolitionism – supporters and opponents; the role of Abolitionism as a cause of the Civil War....
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