The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Unformatted text preview: DOWNLOAD FREE FULL VERSION - CONTENTS TITLE PAGE PROLOGUE A FRIDAY IN NOVEMBER THE VANGER FAMILY TREE PART 1 Incentive CHAPTER 1 Friday, December 20 CHAPTER 2 Friday, December 20 DOWNLOAD FREE FULL VERSION - Page 1 CHAPTER 3 Friday, December 20–Saturday, December 21 CHAPTER 4 Monday, December 23–Thursday, December 26 CHAPTER 5 Thursday, December 26 CHAPTER 6 Thursday, December 26 CHAPTER 7 Friday, January 3 PART 2 Consequence Analyses CHAPTER 8 Friday, January 3–Sunday, January 5 CHAPTER 9 Monday, January 6–Wednesday, January 8 CHAPTER 10 Thursday, January 9–Friday, January 31 CHAPTER 11 Saturday, February 1–Tuesday, February 18 CHAPTER 12 Wednesday, February 19 CHAPTER 13 Thursday, February 20–Friday, March 7 CHAPTER 14 Saturday, March 8–Monday, March 17 PART 3 Mergers CHAPTER 15 Friday, May 16–Saturday, May 31 CHAPTER 16 Sunday, June 1–Tuesday, June 10 CHAPTER 17 Wednesday, June 11–Saturday, June 14 CHAPTER 18 Wednesday, June 18 CHAPTER 19 Thursday, June 19–Sunday, June 29 CHAPTER 20 Tuesday, July 1–Wednesday, July 2 CHAPTER 21 Thursday, July 3–Thursday, July 10 CHAPTER 22 Thursday, July 10 DOWNLOAD FREE FULL VERSION - Page 2 CHAPTER 23 Friday, July 11 PART 4 Hostile Takeover CHAPTER 24 Friday, July 11–Saturday, July 12 CHAPTER 25 Saturday, July 12–Monday, July 14 CHAPTER 26 Tuesday, July 15–Thursday, July 17 CHAPTER 27 Saturday, July 26–Monday, July 28 CHAPTER 28 Tuesday, July 29–Friday, October 24 CHAPTER 29 Saturday, November 1–Tuesday, November 25 EPILOGUE: FINAL AUDIT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27–TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30 A NOTE ABOUT THE AUTHOR COPYRIGHT PROLOGUE A Friday in November It happened every year, was almost a ritual. And this was his eighty-second birthday. When, as usual, the flower was delivered, he took off the wrapping paper and then picked up the telephone to call Detective Superintendent Morell who, when he retired, had moved to Lake Siljan in Dalarna. They were not only the same age, they had been born on the same day—which was something of an irony under the circumstances. The old policeman was sitting with his coffee, waiting, expecting the call. “It arrived.” “What is it this year?” “I don’t know what kind it is. I’ll have to get someone to tell me what it is. It’s white.” “No letter, I suppose.” DOWNLOAD FREE FULL VERSION - Page 3 ...
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