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Practice Questions-Spectrophotometry 1. A solution containing 4.48 ppm of KMnO 4  has a transmittance of 0.309, at 520 nm, in a 1.00 cm-cell.  Calculate the molar absorptivity of KMnO4. 2.  A solution containing the complex formed between Bi 3+  and thiourea has a molar absorptivity of  9.32 × 103 cm
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Unformatted text preview: -1 M-1 at 470 nm. (a) What is the absorbance of a 6.24 × 10-5 M solution of the complex at 470 nm in a 1.00 cm-cell? (b) What is the percent transmittance of the solution described in (a)? 3. Read the section about what happens to a molecule when it absorbs light....
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