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Paper Proposal-Music and history - occurred For example in...

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Kelley Krueger GLST 200/ 10 am My paper proposal I am going to talk about how music-especially country music- remembers and addresses history, both the musicians personal history and world history. I.e. Taylor Swift chronicles her personal relationships in a good majority of her songs; while Alan Jackson and John Lennon pay tribute to historical events on a worldwide scale. Also in relationship to how songs commemorate history, I would talk about how music reflects the time period it is from and how that in itself immortalizes history. By looking at the music of a certain time period you can understand why certain events in history
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Unformatted text preview: occurred. For example, in the 1930’s Jazz and Swing were all the rage and popular songs like “were in the money” personify the great depression (the song mentions “Old Man Depression”). Another example would be music from the 1960’s where artists like the Beatles, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Bob Dylan attempt to reflect upon the events of the time- civil rights, the growing unrest over the war in Vietnam, and the rise of feminism. You can even look at music today and find music with a social or political message (I.e. Bands like Green Day and Nirvana)....
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