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Pg 475 Medium - seems to me that race is an issue that sits...

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Kelley Krueger GLST 200/10 am 10 November 2010 Pg 475 “medium” I think that the presence of “ethnically ambiguous” celebrities that are seen in today’s media does somewhat support Patterson’s claim that while America may have many problems in the next 10 years, race won’t be one of them. I have to disagree slightly with him on his basis for this claim though. Patterson uses media as the backbone of his claim and while that is prevalent it’s not autocratic. Politics is more a more dominate factor in the theory regarding racial lines. Unfortunately even with America having a African American president and many other political positions being filled by minorities, it
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Unformatted text preview: seems to me that race is an issue that sits in the backs of people’s minds. The fact is that because these thoughts/prejudices are still lingering in the minds of many Americans ethnicity is still a problem for this country and is not something that can just go away in the short period of a decade. So while I do agree with Patterson in his assessment that America will eventually be free of racial prejudice, I just see it taking longer than he predicts. I believe it takes longer than a measly decade to eradicate more than a century of rancor that has plagued the global society....
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