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You are what you Eat (pg 94-109)

You are what you Eat (pg 94-109) - because you are buying...

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Kelley Krueger You are what you Eat (pg 94-109) A “problem” that this essay presents is the idea that by looking at a grocery list or a picture of the inside of a fridge you can see into a stranger’s life without actually knowing the person or entering their home. Similarly to the previous essay “All My Stuff for Sale”, where the idea that the things you own are what define you, “You are what you eat” presents the idea that
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Unformatted text preview: because you are buying the food and choosing it for a reason it must therefore be an accurate tool to define who you really are. The intriguing notion behind this idea is that the things we buy are generally a reflection of us at the moment it’s purchased but it doesn’t necessarily reflect who we are as an ever changing being....
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