American Rev - Chapter 5 American Revolution 1 A The War...

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Chapter 5: American Revolution 1. A. The War aims a. 2 nd CC disagrees on purpose but agrees to support war. John & Sam Adams want full independence. Others want reforms, mostly sought somewhere in between b. “Olive Branch Petition” appeal to the king, July 1775 “Declaration of the causes and necessity of taking Up Arms” c. Public first fought not fr indpndnc but for grieviences, later change b/c cost was too ^ for such small aims. British recruitment of Indians, slaves and mercenaries angered, GB rejects OBP and inacted “Prohibitory act” naval blockade d. January 1776 Common Sense written by T-pain rev’d propaganda. Said King, Constitution and ruling system bad. GB not fit to rule brtlty, crrptn B. Independence a. Post Common Sense ^ support, CC recommends colonies est. independent gov’ts from GB, July 4 1776 D.O.I b. DOI. Written mostly by T.jeff,used John Locke theory gov’ts frmd to prtct “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, then listed alleged crimes of the King & Parliament c. DOI inspired F.REV’s Dec. of the rights of Men, claimed sovereign “USA” ^ foreign + C. Response to Independence a. News of DOC many others b/c they were loyalist, also called tories b. States draft Const. to replace lyl gov’ts by 1781, states are center of auth, but war rqrd central direc. c. 1777 AOC passed to confirm weak, decentral system in place. CC was main coordinator D. Mobilizing for War a. Nat. needed to ^, org, equip, & pay for army. W/O British markets shortages of materials, g-smiths cdnt meet dmand for guns & ammu. Most sup. Captured from Brits, or supplied by Eur nations. b. Financing was a problem; Congress has no pwr to tax ppl & had to ask stts for funds. Eventually issued p-money, led to infla, value of money \/, frmrs & mrchnts c. After srge of ptrtsm 1775 fw amrcns army vontrs. States use persuasion, force, drafts. To correct problem of states controlling army unites 1775 creat C army w/ 1 cmd G- wash. Gave army and ppl symbl of stblity arnd which they cld rally, held together
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Chapter 5: American Revolution E. Phase 1 NE a. After Lex & Con Amrcn frcs besieged army of Gen. T-Gage in Bos, Bttl of Bnkr Hill fought June 1775. Heaviest British casualties of whole war happened b. 1776 Brits decide Bos not best place to wage war b/c geo and fervor. March 76 withdrew to Halifax, Nova Scotia c. In south Patriots crushed uprising of Lylst Feb 1776 at Moore’s Creek Bridge, NC. In N Amrcns invade Canada, Ptrt Gen B-Arnld + Rich-Montgomery threatened Queb d. B-evac not victory as changing englsh war assumpt. Clr cnflct not local phnmnn arnd B but larger war. F.
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American Rev - Chapter 5 American Revolution 1 A The War...

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