Chapter 7 - CHAPTER 7 THE JEFFERSONIAN ERA Election of 1800...

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CHAPTER 7: THE JEFFERSONIAN ERA Election of 1800 Federalists (Adams) vs. Democratic-Republicans (Jefferson) Democratic-Republicans: The Alien and Sedition Acts violate the Bill of Rights. Federalists: the country will be destroyed by radicals or extremists The Democratic-Republicans won the election-but Jefferson and Burr tied with 73 electoral votes! Breaking the Tie House of Representatives had to choose between the two Chose Jefferson-felt he was better for the nation-Burr was vice president The Talented Jefferson Advised architects and designers when building the capitol Violinist, horseman, scientist, and devoted reader Jefferson’s Philosophy Unite Americans-want a common way of life, farmers (they have strong democratic values.) Modest role for himself and other politicians Undoing Federalist Programs Ended Federalist programs-they should have less power Alien and Sedition acts ended-decreased number of federal employees because revenues were down and decreased the size of the military. End many taxes (Whiskey Tax)-used revenues from these taxes and land sales to pay the money the government owe Marshall and the Judiciary Judiciary Act of 1801: Adams appointed federalist judges before Jefferson’s inauguration so he kept a Federalist Judiciary. John Marshall: appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-upheld federal authorities and strengthen federal courts. Marbury v. Madison William Marbury-Named Justice of the Peace by Adams-Madison refused to install him to this Marbury sued him but his suit was found unconstitutional Judicial Review: Supreme Court has the final say on interpreting the Constitution creating a lasting balance between the three branches of government The West in 1800 “West” used to mean the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River-thousands were moving west towards the Appalachian Mountains By 1800 Kentucky and Tennessee were states, by 1803 Ohio Start looking towards the Pacific coast-Spain and Russia were in California
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Chapter 7 - CHAPTER 7 THE JEFFERSONIAN ERA Election of 1800...

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