review%20exam%201%20Fall%202010 - Copy (2)

review%20exam%201%20Fall%202010 - Copy (2) - ACCT...

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1 ACCT 4620/6020: Auditing I Summary of Topics for exam 1 Note: You are still responsible for material that I may have inadvertently omitted from this list. Please ask me if you have questions about material covered on the exam. Study suggestion: Outline chapters and lecture notes in your own words. Work the problems indicated for each chapter - solutions are online. Study the review questions and multiple choice questions in the text (solutions are online). Exams are challenging not because I want them to be but because the material is challenging and the CPA exam is challenging. It is not enough to read the book and your notes—you must work problems with paper and pencil. Pretend you are taking an exam when you work the problems—i.e., don’t look at the answers until you have finished completing the problem. Chapter 1: Auditing and assurance services— covered in a limited way. Differences between assurance services, attestation services, and auditing. Know business risk, information risk, audit risk. Know the major provisions of Sarbanes Oxley act. Know the AICPA, FASB, SEC. Chapter 2: Professional standards Know the ten generally accepted auditing standards—the three general standards, the three standards of fieldwork, and the four reporting standards. You do not need to know
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review%20exam%201%20Fall%202010 - Copy (2) - ACCT...

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