lect april 29 Overview of second half

lect april 29 Overview of second half - 16:37 Overview of...

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Unformatted text preview: 16:37 Overview of second half • Colonies of capitalism • The political economists • Global economic theory • Responses to industrialization • Environmental impact of global warfare • Modern capitalism and the role of government • Externalities capitalism New spain 1492 -1783 • What resulted after Columbus pizzaro and others • In just under a decade a few thousand soldiers conquered populations many times their numbers o Transformed them culturally and environmentally Borugt back great wealth, metals, gold and silver Bolivia and mexico o Worked natives vrigously to get these colonies / wealth o Slave labor in the mines Encomienda system • In order to maintain their empire they set up two systems, • This one and another • System of slave labor and tribute to work the natives • Conquering spaniards were awarded encomiendas, groups of people, the people inside the encomienda became the property of the holder o Eg, cortes, he had several enconmiendas in Tenochtitlan o These people owed tribute o Could be domestic labor in the household o Food production or mining o Would get protection in return from robbers, outside groups, rebels • Tribute o Glorified system of slave labor o Wealthy spaniards lived of the work of others, o More or less an extension of European feudalism • Protection o This conquest continued to spread across land, encompassed large areas • Mission system o Military religious state alliance, largely replaced encom system after large expansion o They saw a whole world of heathens that needed to be converted to Christianity o Indians were heathens, had souls to be saved o Had to proselytize them, the first missions appeared in the 1590s in new spain Various religious orders, jesuits, fransicans, Priests, who went out and made it their lives works to spread the word, they sweared oaths of celibacy and poverty Were sent to establish missions and converts •...
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lect april 29 Overview of second half - 16:37 Overview of...

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