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lect may 13 - lect may 13 16:32 Ids Toward biodiversity...

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Unformatted text preview: lect may 13 16:32 Ids Toward biodiversity Utilitarian conservation World conservation Ypres Music the who the underture young man blues Toward biodiversity Preservationists were the first to lament loss of the natural world, and loss of a natural people Modern extension of this, is protection of biodiversity Biocentrism o The idea that nature has rights and value in and off it self, it is not just there to serve humans o Humans are just one species, out of many, all species have inherent value John Muir o California environmentalist o One of the great naturalists and advocates of preservation o Took philosophies of Thoreau, Emerson etc and formed biocentrism o First real proponent of biocentrism, wilderness has value per se Anthropocentrism o Another branch of environmentalism, the idea that its all about humans, what impact things have on us, are we destroying the planet etc o the belief that humans are the central and most significant entities in the universe, or the assessment of reality through an exclusively human perspective Issue four o Should North Americas landscape be restored to its pre human state o Previous issues asked if is biodiversity over protected o About the need of biodiversity, with all its native flora and fauna o You need large tracks of land to do this experiment Yes side is written by C Josh Donlan An evolutionary biologists He says its our responsibility, it is a very biocentric view He also says, yes it can be done, so therefore it should Eurasian mega fauna, camels, lions, etc that were here before humans, need to be restored o Rubenstein et al, He is an evolutionary ecologist, even if it could be done it wouldnt benefit the species that are here now today o This argument acknowledges that you need vast areas of wilderness, undeveloped areas of land free from human interference o Traditional reasons for expanding wilderness in our world, expanding biodiversity Basic premise, is that wilderness, undeveloped land, is healthy land, why should this be done If you accept this premise, that human intrusion is unhealthy, than why do we need healthy land Conservation biologists o People who believe in this, why its important to have land preserved in its natural state o First argument...
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lect may 13 - lect may 13 16:32 Ids Toward biodiversity...

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