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Unformatted text preview: Team 2 Team 2 Presents By Yulia Kachina Mariya Lukina Plamena Ivanova Anandamoy Ghosh Suayip Colak 1810s UHI was investigated and described by Luke Howard Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI) Urban Heat Island is a climatic phenomenon when cities become reservoirs of heat and are warmer than the surrounding countryside 1990 Journal Nature Jones’s and Wei­Chyung Wang’s suggestion: UHI effect is minimal in Eastern Australia, Western USSR, and Eastern China 2007 IPCC Report “Any urban­related trend” in global temperatures is small November 2010 Antony Watts gives an evidence that the effect is really high and measured in another indicators Where is the Truth ? Where is the Truth ? Is UHI Real or The effect of UHI is overstated? = Data is Misconduct! Results of Jones … Results of Jones … Jones identifies an urban warming signal in China of 0.1 degrees C per decade. Or, 1 degree C per century. Not negligible by any means. Results of IPCC Results of The IPCC drew that conclusion from the Jones et al 1990 Letter to Nature which examined temperature data from regions in Eastern Australia, Western USSR and Eastern China, to conclude that “In none of the three regions studied is there any indication of significant urban influence..” That has led to the IPCC claim that for decades, urban warming is less than 0.05 per century. Conclusion Conclusion The overarching issue in the Chinese network controversy is whether the development of urban heat islands in the 20th century had a significant impact on land temperature indices. Jones manipulated Chinese station metadata to back up his claims that there was a negligible difference (no more than ~0.05 deg) in temperature trends between urban and rural sites in China between 1954­1983. Missing metadata; changing location of some the weather stations makes the data irrelevant and Jones’ conclusion invalid. ...
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