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JJ Response - Advocacy On Line 2010

JJ Response - Advocacy On Line 2010 - Also ensure Marina...

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Jonathan Jones Advocacy On-Line Assn 11/11/10 On Line Advocacy Assignment Scenario #1 1. Explain your rationale why Mrs. Potter would be considered a member of vulnerable population. Pt is elderly 2. What opts does the Nx have for adv that Mrs. Potter receive the inj at her PCP’s office? Nx can contact insurance co. Nx can involve home health. Nx can approach PCP about “pro bono” services. 3. How can the nurse advocate for the client without removing her need for dignity? Nx can ask permission to assist. 4. Who would you communicate and collaborate with on behalf of Mrs. Potter. Nx can contact insurance co. Nx can involve home health. Nx can approach PCP about “pro bono” services. 5. What goal would you advocate for this client? Pt will receive weekly injection. Scenario #2 1. If you were Marina’s nurse, how would you advocate on behalf of Marina? Help ID other telephone advice nx positions and other medically-related options.
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Unformatted text preview: Also ensure Marina understands her rights under 504. 2. What would you say to Marina at this time? Let’s discuss all the options. 3. Would you best advocate for this client professionally or publicly? Explain your answer. Professionally. Professional advocacy keeps the lines of communication from being “blurry.” Scenario #3 1. Did the Nx staff have a duty to accurately assess & detect the pt’s injuries w/in their scope of practice? Yes. 2. Did the Nx staff do enough to see the S&S of the pt’s potential injuries were properly evaluated? No. The Nx could have presented the PCP with a Doppler to assess pulse. 3. When the physician dismissed their concerns, should they have gone over his head? Yes. For the sake of the pt, the Nx must exhaust all resources – Charge Nurse, PHP supervisor 1...
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